We will evaluate any claim at no cost

Selected Services

Claim Consulting - $550-$5,000*


We offer a full range of consulting engagements that can be as limited or extensive as necessary to yield the best possible results at trial or via settlement.

We will always review your claim to ensure our involve-ment will be highly beneficial, before signing on. If we do not believe the cost/benefit ratio for our services will favor you and your client, we will still provide recommendations at no cost.

*Indicates Retainer Fee, not necessarily total fees due upon Settlement. Total fees can be agreed upon upfront as desired.

Comprehensive Screening with Medical Report & Recommendations - $415


1) Skype Interview w/ Client 

2) Multiple Screening Tools 

3) Report with Findings:

    -Identifies Possible Dx:





       +Sleep Problems 

       +Orthopedic Injuries

    -Recommends Imaging 

       +Flex/Ext X-ray

       +EEG / ERP (Cognision)

       +Brain MRI*

       +Orthopedic MRI

    -Medical Journal Excerpts

Report is signed by our MD and intended for delivery to treating doctors. Report may be expanded to include detailed discussion of pre-existing conditions and effect on job/work capacity.

*Most brain MRI's will be negative with concussion/mTBI injuries. We outline a special MRI protocol far more likely to ID positive findings.

A La Carte Services - Pricing Varies


1) Physician Telemedicine Visit with Report including a Future Medical Treatment Plan with Costs, Impairment Rating, Pre-Existing Condition Arguments, Causation Arguments, Economic Loss Arguments

2) Selection of Ideal Imaging & Diagnostics to Obtain Objective Evidence of Injury

3) Identification & Selection of Providers and Experts

4) Medicolegal Research and Cited Opinions

5) Mediation Brief Development

Not a Comprehensive List - Please ask about other Services